Shui Landscapes

Shui Landscapes was the First company I created in Second Life, it's how all started in April 28th 2011.

I do any type of landscape project, no matter the theme, season, design, if you dreamt of it, I'll do all that is in my power and experience to make it happen for you!

The only projects I don't do for clients are resorts and events landscapes.


How do I work?

After 14 years landscaping in Second Life, I like to take my time to create the right project for each of my clients. This to say, I do not rush and if I start feeling rushed, I cancel the project. 

When a client books a date, when that day finally comes, I need the client to send me what I request in my Terms & Conditions, so I can start studying the project in my real life studio:

- Read client's request and look at the real life pictures references  sent with request.

- Start doing my own researches in how to best create the client's project, that looks realistic and is the client's vision.

- Design the project in real life.

All this requires days of work, I do not start designing client land on the date booked, so I always request clients to give me a MINIMUM of Seven (7) business days to come up with the right ideas. Depending on the type of project, list of requests and difficulty, this may take a few more days.

So, keep your request notecard simple please.


Once all project is put together in real life, then I contact the client to give a date for the project to be given. I only build what I designed in real life to second life, 24h before I have to give the project to the client.

This is how I work and have been working for the last 6 years and it works for me, since I work on many projects at the same time, I love AND need to multitask.

Please, do respect my process and my Terms & Conditons so you get the best of my creativity. 

I only do unique designs for each client, no copies not even from my own portfolio. Reference pictures must only be from real life or from my portfolio.


No references from Second Life please (Other designers work).


How to book & pay

1- If you are not familiar with my work, please visit my Portfolio.

2- Read the Terms & Conditions.

3- If you agree with the Terms & Conditions, you can then proceed with the booking by clicking on button below.

In the booking checkout, the information that is required such as name, city and so on, is to be filled with Second Life information only so we can reach you if need.

For payments in Lindens or if you need any help, please contact me here through chat or in Second Life (Asharhia Resident).